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Why choose us for your sanitary solutions?

Synergy Washrooms is the ultimate destination for comprehensive sanitary solutions in the Middle East. With over a decade and a half of expert curation, we pride ourselves in offering a diverse range that meets every washroom need.

Our products are in demand. Made in Western Europe and USA, our washroom products are currently experiencing a remarkable surge, as architects are specifying us in prominent projects across the Gulf region and beyond. For instance, we recently delivered our German-made cubicles to India’s brand-new Apple stores.

From luxurious hotels to grand hospitals and versatile commercial spaces, our carefully selected offerings set new standards of brilliance and accessibility across various applications.

Product Ranges


Changing Tables

Shower Enclosures

Accessible Toilets

Sanitary Accessories

Shower Trays

Changing Places

Touchless Solutions


Compartments and Cubicles

Elevate washroom aesthetics to architectural marvels with our cubicles made in Germany. Adorning world-class projects, our cubicles come in diverse colors, finishes, sizes, and materials, all meticulously tailored to match your project’s unique essence.

    • Cubicle systems crafted from HPL, glass, metal, or wood.
    • Touchless cubicles for a completely contactless experience.
    • Kids cubicles designed for nurseries and daycares.
    • Urinal screens, custom-sized to enhance privacy.

    Accessible Toilets

    Discover inclusive elegance through our award-winning universal toilet solutions.

    Offering concealed accessibility, these German-made products can be used anywhere, not just in designated accessible spaces. Nearly all of our outstanding designs within this product range have been repeatedly confirmed by independent juries of design competitions.

    Products include warm touch support rails, grab bars, shower seats and stools, hooks with safety features, antimicrobial accessories, LED mirrors, custom washbasins, curtain rails, and more.

    Changing Places

    Changing Places toilets are fully accessible toilets designed to help bring major life enhancing freedoms to the millions of people with complex needs. We at Synergy Washrooms have the full range of capital equipment specified in a Changing Places Toilet (CPT).

    Made in the UK, products include height adjustable changing tables, height adustable wall-mounted wash basins, ceiling hoists and mobile hoists, independent seated showers, height adjustable multifunctional assisted bathing, and much more.

      Baby Changing Tables

    Ensure a nurturing and secure environment for every precious changing moment with our robust wall changing tables. Proudly bearing the TÜV-tested and GS-certified seal, these 100% Made in Germany solutions redefine caregiving spaces.

    We have a diverse range of more than 25 baby wall changing tables, perfectly suited for daycare centers, public institutions, and home environments. Our tables boast hygienic ease of cleaning, remarkable resilience against impacts and abrasions, minimal space demands, and come equipped with maintenance-free stoppers.

    Sanitary Accessories

    Elevate your space with our exquisite hingeless sanitary accessories. Discover three ranges: surface-mounted, flush-mounted, and behind-the-mirror, offering more than a hundred individual products. Impeccably designed for high-end environments, these 100% Made in Austria products redefine elegance and luxury.

    Available in a range of colors and textures, products include paper towel dispensers, disinfection sprayer dispensers, electronic foam soap dispensers, paper towel and soap 2in1 dispensers, waste bins, jumbo toilet roll holders, and more.

    Touchless Solutions

    Elevate both hygiene and convenience with our range of touchless solutions. Products include hand dryers made in Denmark and dispensers and faucets made in Germany. These technologies combine innovation and reliability, offering hands-free operation for modern applications. 

    Tailored for the demands of the commercial and public sectors, our products are built to endure maximum stress, promising years of top-tier performance. With a high level of vertical integration, our materials undergo rigorous testing, receiving certification from independent institutes.

    Shower Enclosures

    Discover the perfect fusion of quality, design, and personalization with our meticulously crafted shower enclosures made in Spain.

    We offer an extensive range that includes both standard options and made-to-measure solutions. Delve into a world of choice, with more than hundreds of models, finishes, and accessories available.

    Create a distinctive space that invites you to savor your bathroom like never before.

    Shower Trays

    Elevate your shower experience with our 100% Made in Spain shower trays. Redefining product design, our collection showcases textures with diamond-like hardness, offering boundless design possibilities.

    Each shower tray is meticulously customized, cut to precision, and tailored to your choice. Choose from a diverse array of options encompassing colors, shapes, and finishes.

    This versatility allows us to transform your shower room into an oasis of elegance and functionality.


    Our Locker Systems are a perfect combination of inspirational design and highly durable materials, providing products suitable for all types of installation. Rigorously tested to meet stringent TUV standards, our lockers inspire confidence in specification, installation, and use.

    Choose from a range of personally tailored options: personal lockers, wardrobe lockers, deposit box lockers with electrical outlets, valuables lockers, fully framed metal lockers, metal storage lockers, metal gym lockers, and more.

    Made from glass, HPL, or metal, our offerings can be configured to accommodate specific project needs.