Customized Solutions for Your Laboratory

​For too long, architects, laboratory designers, and lab technicians have had to settle with stock-order laboratory components. The result: wasted space, reduced efficiencies and poor ergonomics.

We focus on providing customized solutions for your labs – not selling prefabricated units from our warehouse. Our products are designed to fit your space, and your needs, precisely. Furthermore, our proven product line contains the most reliable, durable and easy-to-use lab equipment in the industry.

We supply our lab equipment to all GCC countries: UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. To assist you with solutions for your project, please contact us.

Fume Hood

The DynamicFLO™ Fume Hood is a high performance polypropylene fume hood, which incorporates features lab technicians and users find especially beneficial, including a 36” tall tempered glass sash for optimal sight lines, and air volume control. Plus, the units can be customized so users have everything they need, close at hand.

It’s constructed of stress-relieved polypropylene, so it’s ultra-durable and superbly handles highly corrosive materials.

Fume Hood with Operator


custom utility carts

Custom Utility Carts

These are flexible and hardworking additions to any lab. Our sturdy aluminum and polypropylene utility carts serve as mobile work stations. They are fully customizable to accommodate the unique needs of your technicians.

wet vacuum

HAZVAK wet vacuum

This durable wet vacuum is built to safely handle the unique demands of laboratory cleanup, including the collection of corrosive materials. The HAZVAK is constructed of polypropylene and PVC. It is engineered for optimal performance and a long service life.


Faucets / Sinks

Our faucets & sinks are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the modern laboratory. Precision manufacturing and quality construction ensure superior performance.


An efficient laboratory relies on equipment that is durable, dependable, corrosion resistant and intelligently designed – including casework. That’s why we take such pride in customizing sturdy wall and floor units that will meet your lab’s requirements for years to come. Our clients are pleased that they are able to have their sinks and fixtures located precisely for their particular designs and procedures.

​Our casework delivers:

  • Extremely high levels of corrosion resistance
  • Rounded corners for a safer workplace
  • Standard flush handles and hinges
  • Unique drawer slide design: naturally lubricated for smoother operation and wear-resistance
  • High performance, concealed, magnetic door latches
  • Custom accommodations for valves, faucets, sinks and more


Lab professionals are often challenged by having limited space to perform their work. That’s why we bring more to the laboratory table. Our sturdy tables are built to be adaptable and to maximize workspace efficiencies.

As a result, they become highly productive work stations.


Modular Aluminum Tables


Polypropylene Tables

Dead Air Box

For this, we use premium polycarbonate, as well as seam welded polypropylene to create a clean, chemical resistant, circulation free environment. The LED lighting surrounds the perimeter of the unit, creating an even, well lit environment. In-addition – our Dead Air Box is designed to be 100% customizable to any size.


Finally, no lab is complete without an efficient ventilation system. Synergy has a complete offering of ventilation products and industrial corrosive air handling systems. We supply standard and custom designed airline duct fittings and adapters, custom tank fume hoods, as well as complete turnkey fume scrubbing and odor control systems.