Synergy’s Infrastructure division features the entire array of geosynthetic solutions including Geosynthetic Clay liners for landfill applications, geotextiles and geogrids for roads, slope stabilization, retaining walls, coastal protection, and geomembranes for a variety of applications including groundwater protection, underground water storage, storm water harvesting, and tunnel construction.

Landfill Engineering

Having completed several landfill projects in the ME region last year, landfill engineering is our forte.

Leachate and Gas Collection

Today’s sanitary landfills require materials with proven long-term performance including pipe and geosynthetics. This is why Synergy’s piping components were recently installed at multiple landfill sites in Oman.

Lakes and Lagoons


Our German-made product for water applications is typically used on large scale projects as it is cost-effective, easy to handle, free from leaching plasticizer, and has very high UV-resistance.

Lakes and Lagoons


Our American-made EPDM product is installed in thousands of lining projects worldwide and is specifically designed for decorative pond applications.

Road Construction

A solid foundation of geosynthetics in classified road construction starts with German made non-woven geotextile products from Synergy.

Slope Stabilization

With complete geosynthetic solutions, noise barriers, retaining walls, reinforced embankments or any structure with inclinations of up to 90° can be built.

Groundwater Protection

Our high quality geosynthetic sealing systems can be employed in chemical storage depots, petrol stations, chemical plants, and numerous other applications where measures for groundwater protection are necessary.

Coastal Protection

Coastal protection measures are designed to protect inland flooding and minimize the erosion of the coastline caused by the constant motion of the sea.