Building on sustainable ground


Why choose us for your infrastructure projects?

Our infrastructure division, Synergy Infrastructure, has a proven track record of delivering large-scale contracting projects in the Gulf region. For instance, we successfully installed high quality base lining for 12 landfills in Oman alone.

Most of our infrastructure products are made by our trusted German partner, Naue, where quality is uncompromised and sustainability is prioritized. Our geosynthetics save natural material resources, reduce transport emissions, and increase the service life of installations.

Consider us your partner in solving all your engineering challenges through an array of geosynthetic and geotechnical solutions.

Services and Applications

Landfill Engineering

Lakes and Lagoons

Slope Stabilization

Landfill Engineering

We understand that safe waste management requires compliance with local landfill regulations. Our geosynthetic systems meet these requirements without exception; they are of the highest quality.

The 14 landfills we have done in the Gulf region are testament to our expertise in landfill engineering. The linings on our landfills protect the environment from pollution, contamination, and degradation. They have allowed significant savings in the construction process, both in terms of material procurement and construction time. 

Lakes and Lagoons

We use a cutting-edge geosynthetic material for water structures called Carbofol®. Carbofol boasts exceptional durability and chemical resistance. Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it forms an impenetrable barrier, preventing water seepage and soil erosion in canals, basins, and ponds.

Its robust composition resists the harshest environmental conditions, ensuring prolonged service life and reduced maintenance costs. Carbofol’s easy installation and adaptability to various shapes and terrains make it a versatile choice for water containment projects.

Slope Stabilization

Optimize land use with steep slopes using our German-made geogrids.

Our Secugrid® products are crafted from high-strength polyester PET or polypropylene PP. They economically stabilize soil veneers, bolstering slope structure against excess forces. We also use our Secumat® erosion control mats to thwart erosion and seed wash-out on slopes.

Whether reinforcing or preventing erosion, our geosynthetic solutions ensure stability and resilience on slopes.