HDPE and LDPE geomembranes and HDPE termination bars

HDPE and LDPE geomembranes


Lake at Madinat-Jumeirah

Our German made product, Carbofol, is multifunctional. One of its purposes makes it suitable for portable water and non-toxic-containment applications such as water conveyance structures, canals, and ponds.

Carbofol is typically used on large scale projects as it is cost-effective, easy to handle, free from leaching plasticizer, and has very high UV-resistance.


Aerial view of the Burj Khalifa lake

HDPE termination bars

Geolock from Synergy provides effective sealing against concrete. Geolock an extruded profile designed for use as a termination and/or attachment detail between HDPE liners and concrete structures. The product is available in long lengths and is UV stabilised for long-term exposure to sunlight.