With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Jagdish Tahiliani has earned a reputation for being a technical expert in various solutions and applications. Jagdish’s expansive practical knowledge about various aspects of construction and the effectiveness of solutions comes from his involvement in several landmark projects in the UAE.

Armed with a Civil Engineering Degree (B.E. Hons) from Bombay University, Jagdish has always been enthusiastic about educating and training himself on the science behind new solutions, innovative applications, and futuristic technologies. His ability to grasp technical complexities and explain them in a lucid manner has endeared him with numerous consultants and clients across the region. Several solutions and systems have been specified on prestigious projects due to his relentless efforts in creating awareness among architects and consultants.

Today, as the Executive Director of Synergy Building Systems, his main aim is to offer a wholesome portfolio of scientifically tested solutions that comply with the highest international standards. Says Jagdish, “Synergy’s objective is to continuously add value to the project, the client, and the environment simultaneously.”