Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles date back to Neolithic China, and many ancient structures with clay roof tiles still exist. Despite advances in technology and contemporary designs, we still use clay roof tiles today. Why is this? Clay roof tile systems, when installed properly, withstand weather conditions that begin to deteriorate other roofs the day they are installed. In general, a clay (or concrete) tile roof can reasonably be expected to outlast the building it protects. In addition, they add warmth and character to a house, making it a home. This is why Synergy Building Systems is engaged with the beauty of clay roof tiles. Taking a simple concept, we use a synthesis of technology and innovation to mould the most aesthetic and durable clay tiles.

Raised edges, increased thickness, larger runoff channel, and more pronounced curvature are the characteristics that distinguish our tiles from the mainstream. Each clay roof tile of ours is designed to ensure performance and durability. With our variety of colors, Synergy tiles are ideal for both urban and rural contexts.

We supply our clay roof tiles to all GCC countries: the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. To assist you with solutions for your project, please contact us.


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