Premium building and architectural solutions for the Middle East construction market

Synergy Building Systems LLC is a leading specialist solutions provider in the Middle East construction market. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, technologically advanced, and rigorously tested systems.

Partnered with our trusted manufacturers in Europe and North America, we offer a comprehensive range of products across four distinct divisions that meet the highest industry standards. After 18+ years in business, we are motivated now more than ever to ensure that our clients receive top-tier solutions for their contracting needs.

Timeless Excellence, Together


Completed Projects




Comprehensive geosynthetic solutions for varied applications including landfills, lakes, lagoons, and slope stabilization.


Environmentally friendly products for thermal and moisture protection such as concrete waterproofing, air barriers, vapor barriers, and membrane roofing.


Top of the range toilet cubicles, sanitary accessories, shower rooms, lockers, as well as fully accessible washrooms and changing places.


Featuring architectural and interiors solutions such as robust automatic sliding doors, operable partitions, entrance mats, raised access floors, and more.

Manufacturing Partners

All our manufacturers are award-winning innovators based in Western Europe and North America. Every single product passes rigorous testing and conformity to international standards before we bring them to the Middle East.

Architectural Consultants

The esteemed architectural consultants we liaise with play a pivotal role in shaping remarkable projects. When they specify Synergy’s products, they aren’t just choosing materials—they are selecting the building blocks of extraordinary experiences.

Contractor References

Hundreds of satisfied contractors have turned their visions into reality with Synergy’s materials. They have elevated projects for their clients, setting new benchmarks for success, and creating success stories that resonate throughout the industry.

Notable Projects

Twelve Landfills, Oman

Product: Landfill Base Lining

Our largest infrastructure project involved landfill engineering. We supplied and installed our German-made landfill lining across 12 sites in Oman. Each landfill was a site to behold, spanning an astounding area of about three football fields.

Dubai Mall, UAE

Product: Concrete Waterproofing

We supplied and installed approximately half a million square meters of waterproofing material at the largest mall in the world. Today, Dubai Mall stands as globally-renowned tourist destination, a testament to its enduring construction durability.

Aman Hospital, Qatar

Product: Compartments and Cubicles

We played a pivotal role in this Doha project where we supplied and installed a total of 63 German-made toilet cubicles. Featuring a 42-mm-thick metal construction, their timeless, elegant, and sleek design perfectly complemented the hospital’s aesthetics.

Sheraton Hotel, Bahrain

Product: Operable Partitions

We are currently supplying and installing 14 operable partitions, with walls extending up to 22 meters in length and 6.7 meters in height. These partitions are poised to greatly enhance the functionality and elegance of the interior spaces in this 5-star hotel, ensuring exceptional transformations for every use.